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A holistic approach to the individual and health involves working with the body, emotions, mind, and soul.


What is
Holistic Health

Holistic health coaching is based on an integrative approach to health which combines all aspects of human life that may affect health or disease. Holistic health coaching helps find and address the root causes of a disease or suffering, not just alleviating symptoms.


Health Coaching is for you
if you need support, in at least one of the following areas:

Healthy eating
Weight Issues: Obesity, Overweight, and Underweight
Stress Reduction
Physical Activity
Sleep Problems
Emotional Eating
Stressful Events and Life Changes
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  • All you need is already inside you, yoga is my way to find it 🌸
  • I spent the last few days of 2023 and the first few days of 2024 in a hospital. Although I'm still recovering, I'm doing much better now. I wanted to share some insights that this experience gave me. 

I've always been grateful for my health, but I didn't truly appreciate it until my time in the hospital. I had no idea how lucky I was to be able to wake up every morning and move my hands and walk. When my health was taken away from me for a few days, I began to appreciate all the details of my life that I had taken for granted for 35 years. 

Being in a hospital can be depressing and often traumatic, not only because of facing your mortality and the medical procedures performed on your body (although always with respect), but also because of witnessing the pain and suffering of others. 

Although the experience was traumatic, I can't deny how much value it has added to my life. 

Stay healthy and take care ❤️ 

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  • Happy holidays 🎄

End of year is the time to reflect back and look forward 💫
What moments from the last year excited you?
What experiences are you looking forward to next year?

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  • What is a habit? 
It is an automatic action we do on a regular basis.

Why is it so important?
First of all, its automatism let us save a lot of cognitive energy in frequently performed activities. In short, we can do something without thinking much about it.
Secondly, the automatic daily activities are of great importance that we are often unaware of. For example, drinking a soda rarely will not affect us much, but drinking it every day may have harmful effects on our health.

Good news is that the new approach to the habits shows that they are 100% dependent on us and we can have full control over them 💪🏼


Czym jest nawyk? Jest to rutynowa czynność wykonywana automatycznie. 

Dlaczego nawyki są ważne? 
Po pierwsze, ich automatyzm sprawia, że nie musimy angażować tak dużej energii poznawczej do aktywności wykonywanych często. Krótko mówiąc, możemy coś robić bez głębszego myślenia o tym. 
Po drugie, aktywności wykonywane często i automatycznie mają ogromne znaczenie, którego często nie jesteśmy świadomi. Przykład, rzadkie picie słodzonego, gazowanego napoju mocno nam nie zaszkodzi, ale picie go codziennie, wpłynie negatywnie na nasze zdrowie.

Na szczęście, nowe podejście do nawyków mówi że, są one w 100% od nas zależne i możemy mieć nad nimi pełną kontrole💪🏼

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