Hi, it’s Kasia!

Hi, my name is Kasia, I am a psychologist and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. My desire is to inspire other people to love themselves enough to live a healthy life. I am also a mother of two, my children are curious explorers, lively thinkers and always on the move. Our active lifestyle requires me to maintain and utilize constant energy. This is how I have found my calling, I have learned that I love working with, preparing, and eating nutrient-rich food because it helps me enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

I hold a Master of Arts in Psychology and Applied Linguistics, and I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program. My passions include Yoga, Ayurveda and cooking.

My work reflects the things I am passionate about and in doing so I use a variety of tools that are both science- and nature-based to connect the mind, body and spirit. My personal experience with disease includes digestive issues, Hashimoto disease, postpartum depression, and insomnia. Join me in the healing journey, as we take the steps necessary to find the road to your health and joy.

As a health coach I now know how to tap into my tank of positive energy that enables me to believe in the health and wellness spirit that’s been inside all along, I have discovered the way to get there. I believe that we can all learn to access this tank inside of each and everyone of us and I am here to help you discover your own unique way to reach your health and wellness goals.

This is my work
but also
my inner calling!

In closing, I would like to thank you for stopping by and letting me share my passion for health and wellness with you. I look forward to using my expertise, and strategies, to help you meet your goals with as little or as much support needed. I am extremely happy I can share it all with you. This is my work but also my inner calling.