Holistic Health Coaching

is based on an integrative approach to health which combines all aspects of human life that may affect health or disease. Holistic health coaching helps find and address the root causes of a disease or suffering, not just alleviating symptoms.

Lifestyle and nutrition are effective tools, not only for improving the quality of life, but also for preventing and managing chronic disease.

A health coach is a trained professional who supports their clients in making dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their health and quality of life. Coaches offer a customized program based on the client’s health goals. Coaches support the client in introducing changes in nutrition, physical activity, stress management and sleep improvement techniques.

Moreover, they take a closer look at other aspects of their life like relationships, career, interests, finances that may affect the client’s wellbeing. This holistic approach allows us to see all of those small ‘details’ that affect our health and joy of life. Health coaching uses science- and experience-based tools to help clients reach their health goals and enhance the quality of their life.

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Individual session
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50 min. session
50 min. session
Six-month program
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How I work?

One-on-one coaching

As a Health Coach I offer a customized coaching program based on my client’s health goals, I draw from many psychological and coaching strategies. I use a holistic practice approach, which means that I work with the person, not with the problem. Clients and I analyze different aspects of their lives that may be affecting their health. We take a deep dive into nutrition, not only what we eat, but what we read, watch, and who we spend our time with, our career goals, and everything else that may be present in our lives.

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What you
can expect?

  1. An individualized coaching session virtually or in person
  2. A customized coaching program tailored to your specific area or areas of growth
  3. Personalized recommendations to improve your diet, physical activity and stress management
  4. Science-based and nature-based strategies to help you achieve your health and wellness goals
  5. Daily communication via email between sessions
  6. Informational and emotional support for the duration of the coaching session
  7. Literature and recipes available in PDF